About happy to help

Happy To Help is a local concierge service. We are as needed personal assistants to help at home, with special events, or while you travel! We work with many high profiled clients so you can be assured all of our clients privacy is top of mind! Whatever your needs, we’re Happy To Help! 

OUR Founder

Rachel Lamb

While working in Women’s Health, I built relationships with my patients and developed tight bonds with them. Many of them became clients of mine as I started babysitting for them. Once I worked in their homes, I would see amazing parents being hard on themselves for having a sink full of dishes, a mountain of laundry, and no time to cook dinner. 

I realized that busy moms needed help around the house so they could have time to spend with family, finish a work project, or just take a nap! I started Happy To Help and became an as-needed personal assistant that could help with carpools, shopping, walking the dog, organizing a closet, delivering fresh meals, create a romantic date night in their home, or anything else they needed! I’m here to take the burden off clients shoulders so nothing is holding them back from realizing how great they are! 

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